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Staff Directory / Email

Joseph Letnaunchyn
President and CEO
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Matt Archer
Director, Member Solutions
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Janice Fink
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Lisa Green
Program Manager
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Tony Gregory
Vice President, Legislative Affairs
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Jacob Hall
Project Manager
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Brandon Hatfield
General Counsel
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Carol Haugen
Vice President, Financial Policy
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Dianna Iobst
Executive Director, CAH Network
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Valerie Jividen
Quality Improvement Manager
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Pat Kelly
Vice President, Shared Services
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  Jim Kranz
Vice President, Quality and Data Services
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Deborah McClung
Administrative Assistant
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Jan McComas
Administrative Assistant
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Hallie Morgan
Director, Data Analysis
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Tina Rymer
Director, Communications and Grassroots Advocacy
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Anita Smith
Director, Member Solutions
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Samantha Stamper
Director, Disaster Preparedness
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Liz Tate
Director, Data Collection and Training
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Ron Vickers
Director, Information Services
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Kathy Watts
Director, Corporate and Executive Relations
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