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Be Smart, Take Part  - Emerging Infectious Disease Prepararedness & Response for Frontline Healthcare Facilities

How to Use This Training Program

This program is recommended for any staff member who has been identified as someone who may come into contact with or treat a person with an infectious disease. This includes but is not limited to Emergency Room staff, infectious disease treatment team and those responsible for clean-up and waste removal. Each step of the program is meant to improve and reinforce the other two training steps.


Step 1
The Complete Training Guide DVD can be used to train new and existing staff in a group or individual setting. It can also be used as a training tool to refresh skills on a rotating training cycle.

Step 2

Test your knowledge after completing Step 1. Test your learned skills in eight topic areas of infectious disease
Step 3
No Notice Drill DVD can be used to practice what has been learned in the previous two steps of the training program. Once the drill is complete and areas of improvement have been identified, you may use the previous two steps to re-inforce skills.
Be Smart, Take Part Training