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Identify, Isolate, Inform:
Ambulatory Care Evaluation of Patients
with Possible Ebola Virus Disease
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Preparing U.S. Hospitals for Ebola
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Frontline Healthcare Facility:
All West Virginia Hospitals
Ebola Assessment Hospital:
CAMC General Hospital
Ebola Treatment Center:
West Virginia University Hospital

Patient safety is a responsibility taken on by every individual who chooses to work in a hospital. That means that everyone uses every tool at their disposal to avoid infection. Our responsibility for patient safety means that we all must employ appropriate infection control procedures, not just when an infectious disease such as Ebola is in the headlines, but every single day. It means that hospital leaders remain vigilant in keeping clinical and non-clinical staff updated on policies, procedures and protocols relating to infectious diseases. And it means putting all of this into practice through training and exercises.

WVHA urges West Virginia hospitals to follow the CDC’s Detailed Hospital Checklist for Ebola Preparedness. In addition, we have prompted hospitals to review their procedures in the following areas: detect, protect and respond. Hospitals are encouraged to continually conduct drills with all first-contact personnel, clinical providers, nursing staff, ancillary staff and any other staff as appropriate, on proper procedures for putting on and taking off personal protective equipment to do so.

We will continue to update hospital leaders and staff on the latest developments, advisories, and resources as they become available.