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Legislative and Regulatory Priorities

Welcome to the Advocacy section of the West Virginia Hospital Association site.

To help achieve the Mission, Vision and Values of the Association, the WVHA’s Legislative Team works with policymakers, organizations, community leaders and other key stakeholders to promote and support hospitals and healthcare. After all, like good schools, safe streets and good jobs, strong hospitals are vital to the quality of life of West Virginia’s communities.

Across the state, WV’s hospitals care for their communities 24/7/365 and serve as a safety net for all residents, treating and caring for EVERYONE regardless of their insurance status OR ability to pay. WV hospitals are dedicated to improving the health of all WV residents by supporting vital public health initiatives and enhancing quality of care and patient safety.

Hospitals however, are one of the most regulated entities in West Virginia and in the country, and every day new proposals (legislative, policy, reform and other health-related initiatives) are introduced impacting healthcare from the financial, regulatory, clinical and operational perspectives.

Core Areas of Importance:  
To help navigate the government arena and to guide policy, the WVHA has identified five (5) key principles around these perspectives.

These principles represent core areas of importance to West Virginia hospitals and health systems and are a roadmap for advocacy on a variety of fronts.
  1. Ensure healthcare quality and patient centered care that improves and protects the health and well-being of communities across the continuum of care.
  2. Support a stable health delivery system that promotes accessible and affordable care for all and recognizes hospitals and health systems as an integral component of health delivery.  
  3. Ensure fair and adequate payment from federal and state payers as well as commercial payers that promotes payment for value, supports capital investment, healthcare infrastructure, and quality patient outcomes.
  4. Encourage streamlining of the regulatory system that simplifies processes, eliminates duplication, and provides flexibility that improves care and benefits patients.
  5. Support strategies that address healthcare workforce challenges, with emphasis on promoting an adequate supply of qualified healthcare professionals; ensuring flexibility in providing care; and addressing the evolution of hospital/practitioner relationships.
Sending messages to our lawmakers about issues of importance to hospitals is central to WVHA’s advocacy efforts.

On this area of the website, you will find our Legislative Advocacy Agenda for the year, and the key information you need to help us communicate with state legislators and our congressional delegation to meet the challenges ahead.

Whether your’re employed by a hospital or just take an active interest in healthcare issues affecting your community, it’s important to stay informed and to make your voice heard.

On behalf of WVHA, thank you for helping us improve the health of all West Virginia communities.

Tony Gregory
VP, Legislative Affairs


Tony J. Gregory
Vice President, Legislative Affairs
Brandon Hatfield
General Counsel
Tina Rymer
Director, Communications and Grassroots Advocacy