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Today’s specialized workforce shortage is one of the most critical challenges facing healthcare leaders across the country. To help combat this issue, WVHA now offers West Virginia healthcare organizations with the ability to take advantage of a cost-effective recruitment network and platform called HospitalCareers.com.
HospitalCareers.com is a leading hospital jobs website that connects healthcare candidates and hospitals to find their perfect match. Through their network of twenty-seven state Hospital Associations and advanced online recruitment strategies, HospitalCareers guides healthcare professionals into successful and fulfilling careers and provides healthcare organizations with a cost-effective recruitment resource to attract the highest quality of candidates.
For an annual fee, hospitals can post an unlimited number of positions which WVHA promotes as the state’s “one-stop-shop” for hospital related employment and careers. Our member healthcare organizations can trust that their recruitment needs are being met through broad exposure to qualified healthcare professionals quickly, efficiently and effectively.
Benefits of hospitalcareers.com
  • A direct link to qualified healthcare professionals actively seeking hospital employment.
  • Provides a cost-effective and less time-consuming method of recruitment and advertising for hospitals.
  • Assists healthcare professionals in finding the job that best fits their experience, specialty, and interest.
  • Reaches thousands of healthcare professionals throughout the year with exposure through search engines and across multiple job listing sites.
  • Marketed to West Virginia premier universities, colleges and residency programs.
  • Tracks the number of jobs, job views, profile views, and apply clicks for each position.
  • A resource for students, parents, educators, and legislators interested in exploring hospital careers and workforce trends.
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Contact Brian Bauer at 866-870-4885 ext. 801 or brian@hospitalcareers.com.