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Preferred Providers

West Virginia Health Services, Inc. (WVHS) is a wholly owned, for-profit subsidiary of the West  Virginia Hospital Association specializing in group purchasing and related administrative services.  WVHS is dedicated to providing its members high quality, low cost products and services, and provides technical assistance in analyzing materials management functions, clinical services, financial management and environmental needs for hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.


Intalere is a group purchasing organization that negotiates volume discount contracts and passes the savings on to you.  Intalere also offers tailored solutions for your organization in pharmacy, laboratory, population health, operations, and a wide range of other specialty areas.  

A preferred provider since 1986

Merrit Hawkins provides total staffing solutions in the areas of temporary and permanent physician staffing, allied health professional staffing, information technology staffing and medical staff planning.  Staff Care provides physician and advanced practice locum tenens recruitment services. 

A preferred provider since 1993

USI offers a comprehensive package of insurance products, employee benefits and other related services at competitive costs to your institution. 

A preferred provider since 1998 

BrickStreet’s revolutionary BrickStreet 360 approach to worker’s compensation provides personalized service focusing on returning employees to work and keeping insurance premiums low and reducing total cost of risk. 

A preferred provider since 2015 

Qualivis is known for its nurse staffing services, but it also designs smart, cost-effective workforce strategies to fill gaps, build a pipeline of permanent recruits, increase staff retention and enhance workplace quality of life. 

A preferred provider since 2003


Class Action Capital (CAC) is a firm specializing in helping healthcare organizations identify and process class action settlement claims.  CAC provides businesses with valuable options, so they can make informed decisions to benefit their organization. 

A preferred provider since 2015 

SunRX/Medimpact provides a complete 340B solution for covered entities.  SunRX assists clients in maintaining accurate and current 340B database information, recertifying eligibility annually, helping prevent diversion to ineligible patients, blocking Medicaid claims to avoid duplicate discounts, and preparing for program audits. Medimpact offers a complete pharmacy benefit management program. 

A preferred provider since 2012 

MASA Medical Transport Solutions provides coverage for emergency airplane, helicopter or ground ambulance transportation for you and your employees at a surprisingly low cost.  

A preferred provider since 2017

CommercePayments™ will automate your payments and lower costs.  The CommercePayments ™ team will help you to anticipate, plan for and address your business challenges by giving customized advice and recommending the right products and services based on your unique business situation. 

A preferred provider since 2009

Security America (SA), a West Virginia company, offers high quality security services to the healthcare industry since 1982.  SA offers JCAHO safety compliance surveys and provides IAHSS - trained supervisors. 

A preferred provider since 2009


LifeSolutionz offers alternative compensation arrangements for not-for-profit institutions to help with recruiting and retaining highly compensated individuals such as physicians and healthcare executives.  The arrangements can also create sizable deferred gift equivalents for healthcare organizations.

A preferred provider since 2017